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All Modern Vehicles engines are controlled electronically by an ECU which is always processing information which it receives from numerous sensors around the car. A number of elements such as the engines fuelling and ignition timing are all lined up and calibrated within the ECU code. The code is based on the conditions which the vehicle is being used, quality of fuel, altitude and much more. By working alongside the sensor information, the relevant tables, or ‘maps’ are used to maintain optimal performance output for the engine when running.


When it comes to designing and developing a new model of car the manufacturers have to take into account the varying conditions which the car may be used in across the world. With every car designed for a different market and location, the new cars need to be designed to perform accordingly at their maximum. With this being such an important part of any vehicle, manufacturers and engineers look into a number of factors from these locations such as fuel availability, temperature variations, emission laws aswell as much more. 

ECU remapping is the process of taking a reading from the ECU’s processing chip which contains the vehicle’s standards settings and adjusting various parameters to increase the performance of the vehicle. When it comes to the safety of the ECU Remap, there is nothing to worry about as the process is quite simply taking away the restrictions which have been put on the vehicle to allow it to produce additional power and often lower fuel consumption.


Alongside improving the engines power and torque figures, the ECU programming sharpens the response between pedal to throttle engagement. When driving a remapped vehicle the experience is often livelier as the power delivery is much more linear than before. The manufacturers bring in restrictions to the car and it’s performance to ensure it can be sold to fleet buyers, however, to lift these parameters is completely safe using a ECU Remap.

With many drivers worrying about their fuel consumption, ECU Remapping is a great way to reduce this. The process enables you to maintain motorway speeds with a reduced throttle input meaning when it comes to driving at slower speeds you can stay in the higher band of gears. This is widely beneficial especially when you are towing or on an incline.

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